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Digital Turn in Epistemology



Prof. dr. F.A. Muller, main applicant, Faculty of Philosophy, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Daan Dronkers, PhD student, Faculty of Philosophy, Erasmus University Rotterdam, supervised by prof. dr. F.A. Muller

Dr. J.M. Broersen, Faculty of Humanities, Utrecht University

Alexandra Kuncová, PhD student, Faculty of Humanities, Utrecht University, supervised by dr. J.M. Broersen

Dr. A. Bakker, Faculty of Science, Utrecht University

Prof. dr. P. Drijvers, Faculty of Science, Utrecht University

Rosa Alberto, PhD student, Faculty of Science, Utrecht University, supervised by prof. dr. P. Drijvers and dr. A. Bakker

P. Boon, project leader of the Numworx Digital Mathematics Environment

Dr. S.P. van Borkulo, project coordinator and software engineer in the Numworx Digital Mathematics Environment

Noordhoff Uitgevers, educational publishers, partner from industry

Prof. Dor Abrahamson, external advisor, Embodied Design Research Laboratory, Graduate School of Education, University of California, Berkeley

Former members

R. Kuipers, handwriting software engineer in the Numworx Digital Mathematics Environment (until 1 April 2018)